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Biba Membership, Magazine and Information 2019


Biba Membership 2019
Regardless of what month a member joins the fee is £15. Although all Biba tournaments are open to everyone (subject to event limits) only Biba Members will be allowed to enter the optional members-only side pools including the Winner-Takes-All. Only Members will be paid out in the Grand Prix Championship. Membership fees can be paid in one of four ways (sterling): Cheque payable to Biba. Cash at tournament. PayPal (you can safely use your Visa card) online. Bank Transfer (ask for details).

Bibafix Magazine 2019
From 2019 the Bibafix will be available in PDF format as a free download available for all.

Please go to the Form to join or subscribe. This will open in a new

window ready for you to print out and send back to Biba HQ.

All tournaments require Pre-paid Registration. (See Forthcoming & One-Stop)

January 11-13: The Bright 'n' Breezy - Venue: Jurys Inn, (near the railway station) Brighton
Limited to 128 entry, straight Knockout with Semi-Progressive Consolation, Last Chance and 3-pointer.

April 5-7: The British Open - Venue: Manor Hotel, Meriden, Solihull
Limited to 64 players. Entrants will play a Swiss 5 x 7pt qualifying matches on the Saturday with the Top 16 going into the Main 1st Round Sunday morning. Also includes a Semi-Progressive Consolation and Last Chance.

There is a Free Entry Warm-up on the Friday evening: £10 entry (100% return) in which Grand Prix points are awarded which are added to the weekend's GP points.

The Grand Prix Championship includes all entrants in Biba and BBT tournamants, members and non-members, and each shall gain GP points in the Main and Consolation and Last Chance with the highest score of the three being the award for that tournament. NB: Added to this award will be points gained in Saturday Swiss qualifying events (Biba, and non-Biba tournaments subject to full results being posted).

At the end of the year the player at the top of the listing in the Grand Prix Championship will receive a monetary award which will be awarded at the January 2020 Bright 'n' Breezy tournament.

The Biba Backgammon Tour will continue with the January and April Biba tournaments included in the list along with non-Biba tournaments. New for the 2019 season is the addition of including the Last Chance (or similar).

After the final BBT event (usually Irish Open or the Sussex Cup) the player with the highest score will be awarded a cash prize which will be awarded at the January 2020 Bright 'n' Breezy tournament.

2019 BBT Dates
January 11-13: Bright 'n' Breezy
February 08-10: Cotswolds Invitational
Feb/March 28/03: Cork Open
April tba: The Lakes
April 05-07: British Open
June 07-09: Blackpool Imperial Cup
July 13-14: Liverpool Open
October tba: Sussex Cup
November tba: Irish Open

NB: If you know of any other tournaments that would like to be included let us know.


Frequently Asked Questions
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