New Email Address for Michael Crane - Biba Tournament Director


I am changing my primary email address for 2017. From 1 January I shall be archiving my NTL email account and replacing it with a Virgin Media account.

If you want my new email address you can email my NTL account with the Subject: "MC 2017 Email Address". Include in the text your name and your connection with me (if I don't recognise you you won't be sent the new address).

It is important you do exactly this as all emails will be filtered and only the filtered/recognised ones will be sent my new VM email address.



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7-9 July 2017 - Wokefield Park Hotel, Reading

Call our Accommodation Team to reserve your room on 01656 747 700

Opening hours: 09:15 to 17:15 Mon to Fri. 09:15 to 13:15 Sat.

Entry Limited To 48 Players
Pre-paid Registration required (click One-Stop for details)
Registration - Biba Rate Guests: £15. All others: £25

Entry Fee - £40 (100% return)

First prize £1500 (minumum 38 entrants)


Click below for full schedule, format and entrants

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Backgammon For Beginners

A tutorial to get you playing from scratch



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