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As part of the Biba Member Database the personal information I hold for each member is at the most: Name, Address & Postcode, Phone Number(s), Email(s).

None of this information is shared to, or sold to, or gives access to, any third parties without your written permission (emails accepted).

Should you wish to view, edit or remove your personal data from the Biba Member Database (excepting your name which is used for tournament administration) please contact me via with the subject "Biba Database" stating your request within the message body. NB: An email filter has been set up for "Biba Database". If your subject isn't this there's a chance your request might be overlooked.

Michael Crane
Biba Tournament Director





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valid to 31/12/18



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Venue and Accommodation Information




To date the hotel take-up has been almost zero! The hotel have informed me that unless they take 10 more bookings before Tuesday, 5 June, the tournament will have to be cancelled.







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Accommodation & Tournament Details - Forthcoming Events





16-18 November, 2018 @ Manor Hotel, 127 Main Road, Meriden, Solihull, CV7 7NH

Pre-paid Registration required (click One-Stop for details)
Registration - Biba Rate Guests: £15. All others: £25


Entry Fee - £40 (100% return)

Expected prize fund £1500 (minumum 38 entrants)

The Biba daily accommodation rates for Dinner, Bed & Breakfast are:
Single occupancy: 1 night @ £75, 2 nights @ £150
Double Occupancy: 1 night @ £125, 2 nights @ £250 *
* Best rate: £62.50 per person per night double occupancy
(Plus, you save £10 per person on Event Registration)

To reserve your room call the hotel direct on
+44 (0)1676 522 735 quoting “Backgammon Association”
>>> Accounts to be settled upon Check Out at the hotel <<<

Accommodation is limited. Book early to avoid missing out on stay & play


Click below for full schedule, format and entrants

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Backgammon For Beginners

A tutorial to get you playing from scratch



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