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English Open - Added new entries




Book early to avoid disappointment at all events, the Biba

allocation is limited and is likely to be quickly taken up.


outstanding non-element matches must not interfere with event elements

Players are expected to keep to the published schedule. The event elements (Main. Consolation. Last Chance etc.) have priority. All Main elements on Saturday must be completed on the day if possible. Players must not rearrange to play outstanding matches without the permission/knowledge of the Tournament Director. Should any player be unable to play to the schedule they must inform the TD immediately. Failure to do this will result in penalties to all parties involved. Also, I draw everyone’s attention to Rule 2.1 Place: All matches to be played in areas agreed by the Director. Any player missing from the main playing room when called out in the draw shall incur the first penalty point after an absence of 5 minutes from the start of the match unless they are absent with the Director's permission.

Optional Pools (Members Only):

  • Winner-Takes-All £15 only applicable to the Main. Paid only to the weekend's sole undefeated winner within the Swiss and Knockout stages else rolled over to the next event.
  • Players can choose to enter both, either or none of the optional side pools of £50 and £10 (Main only). There are also optional side pools for the other elements.

Extra elements:

  • Warm-up KO on the Friday evening: £5 Registration, £10 entry. 100% return
  • Super Jackpot, 8 players @ £250 or £100 entry (subject to interest).
  • Doubles Backgammon and Poker Tournament. NB: Poker subject to demand

NB: The extra elements start at 9pm.


  • Friday Warm-up starts at 2100. NB: This is not part of the Main tournament but a warm-up

  • Event Desk opens Saturday 1030 to 1230. NB: Be sure to Pre-Register for all tournaments.

  • Main element starts Saturday 1300.
  • Sunday 1030, all elements continued.


  • Late entries only accepted via phone if unable to make Pre-Registration deadline.
  • Penalty points kick in 5 minutes after the tournament starts for everyone.
  • Players on the Biba Rate for accommodation get subsidised Entry Fee.


To reserve your place in events you need to pre-pay your Registration Fee to arrive at Biba HQ no later than one week prior to the event. Check the event details below for costs. Payment can be made via PayPal, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Cash at a prior Biba event. Should you wish to do so you can also pre-pay the Entry Fee. NB: No matter what method of payment used please detail exactly what your payment covers.

Please email eventreg@backgammon-biba.co.uk for full details stating your preferred method of payment. Entrants cancelling their Registration within 7 days of the event will forfeit their Fee.

If, prior to an event, the full entry is short, entries on the day shall be accepted; however, the Registration Fee will be £35 for all persons - no exceptions. NB: This arrangement is subject to spaces available and might be filled before your arrival. Phone first to check.


Our room allocation for the exclusive Biba Rate for dinner, bed & breakfast is limited both in numbers and time. It is very important you are aware of the cutoff dates for each event (see event posters here). After the cutoff date Biba cannot guarantee the rate or availability.


Call our Accommodation Team to reserve your room on 01656 747 700

Opening hours: 09:15 to 17:15 Mon to Fri. 09:15 to 13:15 Sat.
Quote “backgammon (plus the location)” when booking






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November 2017
UK Finals

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The English Open

7-9 July @ Wokefield Park Hotel, Reading

For poster please see Forthcoming Events



Anna Price
Crispin Duke
Isaac Rye
Nils Figenschou
Oliver Smith
Paul Plumptre
Richard Biddle
Richard Halvorsen



Rates (lowest rate £60 pppn*)
One night: Single - £75 per room – Double/Twin - £125 per room
Two nights: Single - £145 per room – Double/Twin - £240 per room *
To reserve your room call our Reservation Team on 01656 747 700
Hours: 0915 to 1715 Mon to Fri. 0915 to 1315 Sat. Quote “Wokefield Park, Reading”

Terms and Conditions


This includes ...
Accommodation - Single occupancy rooms are limited, you are advised to book early
Three course dinner for all guests
Full English or Continental breakfast
Free playing-room for the weekend
Full use of the leisure facilities
Free WiFi for all residents
Car Parking (fees payable at some venues)

Tournament Details ...

Pre-paid Registration - Entry limited to 48: Biba Rate hotel guests £15. All others £25
Entry Fee £40 (100% return).
Expected first prize £1500 (minumum 38 entrants)

Main - Entrants will play a Swiss 5 x 7pt qualifying matches on the Saturday with the Top 16 (or * depending upon number of entrants) going into the Main 1st Round Sunday morning.
Progressive Consolation - variable points dependent on timing and Progressive entry level (excludes Main semi-finalists)
Last Chance (5 & 7 point matches)

Friday ...

2100, Friday Warm-up, £5 Registration, £10 Entry

Saturday …
1030-1230: Event Desk - Pools & Entry Fee (if not pre-paid)
1300: Main Qualifier starts. Swiss 5 x 7 point matches
2130: Doubles. Jackpots. Poker. (subject to demand)

Sunday …
1030: Main Knockout 16 (Swiss 4 & 5 wins + 3 wins playoff)
1030: Progressive Consolation (includes Main Rounds 1 & 2 losers using variable point match lengths)
1300: Last Chance (5 & 7 point matches)



This is a Biba Grand Prix and Backgammon Tour event


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