October 14, 2016 9:10 AM



Since January 2015 I have been sourcing potential venues for the Biba 2016 season and I must be honest that the approach hotels have taken to agreeing a deal that suits everyone has proved very difficult. Obviously I enter into these negotiations with members uppermost in my mind as well as agreeing a commercially viable outcome for Biba and also ensuring that I continue to improve the standard of facilities available to make your stay as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

Venues: This is a selection of venues we have used since 2015 and will be using in 2017. Which venue and which event can been seen on the One-Stop & Forthcoming web pages ....


The Old Ship - Brighton Mercure Dunkenhalgh - Blackburn
The Old Swan - Harrogate Wokefield Park - Reading
Holiday Inn - Brighton St John's - Solihull


I am delighted to announce for 2016 & 2017 Biba event venues will be handled by Guarantees Events via Bridge Overseas Ltd. As you can see above they are in great locations offering great facilities not only for backgammon players but also for your non-playing guests who can also take advantage of our special rates.

The Travel Agent ...
Guaranteed Events, whom you may be aware managed to secure our return to Brighton in 2015/16, have worked very hard to achieve the requirements and standards set by Biba and have been able to provide us with great options that I feel will help us develop Biba and keep it moving forward. However with any great offer comes contractual conditions that Guaranteed Events / Bridge Overseas Ltd and Biba must comply with in order to secure the venues at our exclusive rate.

The package available ...
Rates as low as £54 per night (subject to number of nights stayed and reduced Tournament Registration Fee for players on the Biba Rate).

This includes ...
▪ Accommodation - double or single. Single occupancy rooms are limited, you are advised to book early
▪ Three course dinner for all guests
▪ Full English or Continental breakfast
▪ Free playing-room for the weekend
▪ Full use of the leisure facilities
▪ Free WiFi for all residents
▪ Car Parking (fees payable at some venues)

For players to continue to enjoy great value for money weekend events Biba needs to work to a slightly different booking process from that used in the past which will be completely managed by Guaranteed Events and Bridge Overseas Ltd who also organise all the English Bridge Union competitions and the 4NCL chess events in the UK and abroad.

With their experience and purchasing power Biba is able to continue to not only enjoy better quality hotel venues and best prices but also ensure all our members monies are 100% safe and that we also satisfy both TOMS VAT and the Package Holiday regulations.

The Accommodation Booking Process ...
1) All reservations and general inquiries regarding accommodation are to be made directly with Guaranteed Events / Bridge Overseas Ltd free phone call centre (01656 747 700) and not direct with the hotel. NB: Non-Biba rate players staying at the venue will have to pay the higher Tournament Registration Fee payable at the Biba Events Desk 10:30 to 12:30 Saturday prior to start of play.

2) A deposit of £25 per person is required at the time of booking. Single occupancy rooms are limited so the deposits have been kept as low as possible to enable you to book early.

3) The remaining balance to be paid no later than 7 days prior to arrival. Any extra charges at the hotel to be paid upon your departure. NB: 2% handling fee on credit cards on final balance.

4) If you cancel your booking your payment (deposit or balance) can either be held in trust by Guaranteed Events and can be used against a future Biba booking; or, it can be transferred to a person of your choosing no later than 48 hours prior to arrival. Such actions must be relayed to Guaranteed Events via telephone.

NB: Players on the Biba Rate get the benefit of a reduced Tournament Registration Fee. By paying the reduced fee players can effectively reduce the total accommodation cost by £10 per player. NB: Player savings are via payment of the reduced Tournament Registration Fee and are not applied to the actual rate paid.

Biba and Guaranteed Events can only offer our special rates and deal for a limited period for each event. It is vital you book early as our allocation and deal will be rescinded 28 days prior to the event, after which we cannot guarantee the rate or availability.

Michael Crane

Biba Director

14 October, 2016