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2018 Season - Open to all players

Bright ‘n’ Breezy. Cork Open. The Lakes.
Manchester One-Day. British Open. Blackpool Imperial Cup.
English Open. Liverpool Open. Irish Open. Sussex Cup





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(If you have any comments or questions regarding the BBT, please email and I will reply in Q & A)


INFORMATION (updated 17/01/18)

Some of the organisers of the above events are not directly involved with the UK Tour, but if they want to assist they are welcome to do so. All that is required of them is to make available the names and positions of players in the Main and Consolation. This is purely a Biba project and any funding is via Biba and the event sponsor, My Web Presenters - - entrants pay nothing towards it, it is a totally free-entry element of each event.


3rd & 4th
5th to 8th
9th to 16th
Remaining Entrants 0.50 points

For the Last 8/16 of the Main and Consolation in each of the tour events, points are awarded as shown to the left. Event entrants gaining more than one award will only be awarded the higher score, they are not accrued. A running points total and leader board will be published on the Biba web site following each event, and in the Bibafax upon publication. After the final event the top 16 scorers will become the qualifiers. These 16 qualifiers will be invited to take part in the Grand Final to be held on the Saturday morning at 11:00 at the 2018 UK Finals 17-19 November.

The Finals will be a 3- or 5-point seeded Knockout with a winner-takes-all first prize of £100 minimum.


Qualifiers must confirm their attendance for the Final by 1 November, 2018. If any of the qualifiers cannot attend the Final then the 9th scorer will be invited, and thereafter, 10th, 11th etc. until such time as we have an 8 draw. Any vacant places that occur on the day of the Final will be decided in the same way. Entrants not present at the 11am start time will forfeit their place.

Remember. There are no fees to pay to enter the BBT - the only fees you incur are those to enter each event. The BBT is not an official part of the above events (excepting those organised and run by Biba) but it is hoped that its involvement will result in more entrants for each event.

If your club is staging a local tournament that is open to all and you would like to be part of the BBT, please email and let us know. It is also very likely that Biba Grand Prix Points can also be applied to your event.


2018 BBT Dates
January 12-14: Bright 'n' Breezy (Biba event)
March 1-4: Cork Open
March tba: The Lakes
March tba: Manchester One-Day
April 13-15: British Open (Biba event)
June 8-10: Blackpool Imperial Cup
July 6-8: English Open (Biba event)
July 21-22: Liverpool Open
October tba: Irish Open
October tba: Sussex Cup

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The Biba Backgammon Tour Final 2017

Early Saturday morning at the November 2017 UK Finals the BBT Final got under way (again, players lower than 16th were in the draw) culminating in a final match between Richard Biddle and Anna Price late Sunday afternoon.

Richard won this in 2014 and was Runner-up last year; and Anna was Runner-up in 2015. Richard was victorious and is the first player to win it twice and Anna now shares Runner-up twice with Brian Lever.


Play-off Results
1 Richard Biddle
2 Anna Price
3&4 Gerry Enslin
3&4 Robert Perry
5to8 Brian Lever
5to8 Crispin Duke
5to8 Simon Morecroft
5to8 Steve Allott


Richard Biddle - 2017 Backgammon Tour Champion


Winner Runner-up
Tony Fawcett Mark Calderbank
Dan Tutchings Brian Lever
Mark Calderbank Jon Barnes
Rob Perry Peter Bennet
Richard Biddle
Brian Lever
Anna Clarke
Anna Price
Mardi Ohannessian Richard Biddle
Richard Biddle
Anna Price



Latest News

10 July 2016: The Coventry Open will not be taking place this year so for the time being it is no longer part of the BBT.

28 July, 2016: Due to the Coventry Open being held after the UK Finals (at which the BBT Grand Finalé is played) we have had to withdraw Coventry from the BBT - however; this does not effect the Grand Prix points award.



After the Bright 'n' Breezy 11-13 January, 2018 ...

Not a lot to say about the first one. It's very early days but at least Btighton entrants got off to a good start. New member, Uli Koch starts off at the top with Jon Barnes close behind. Things will start changing as and when the Tour gets going.


Bright 'n' Breezy
19.95 Uli Koch
16.94 Jon Barnes
13.93 Eric McAlpine
13.93 John Hurst
13.93 Walter Busato
11.92 Stephen Carder
9.97 Nicky Check
9.97 Radu Ciortan
8.92 Gaz Owen
8.92 George Miltiadou
8.92 Richard Biddle
5.98 Emad Salib
5.98 Frederic Bonard
5.98 Paul Plumptre
4.91 Andy Darby
4.91 Lawrence Powell
4.91 Mardi Ohannessian
4.91 Paul Christmas
4.91 Sidi Shatku
4.91 Simon Morecroft
2.97 Christophe Guicheteau
2.97 David Hicks
2.97 Graham Read
2.97 Peter Bennet
0.50 Andy Bell
0.50 Anna Clarke
0.50 Anna Price
0.50 Arthur Wright
0.50 Bob Bruce
0.50 Bob Young
0.50 Charles Conrad
0.50 Chris Harper
0.50 Cohava Bonard
0.50 Crispin Duke
0.50 Daniel Rovira
0.50 David Dennis
0.50 David Nathan
0.50 David Pritchard
0.50 David Sampson
0.50 Gary Young
0.50 Graham Smith
0.50 Isaac Rye
0.50 Larry Smyth
0.50 Malcolm Robertson
0.50 Myke Wignall
0.50 Neil Webb
0.50 Oliver Crooks Smith
0.50 Paul Barwick
0.50 Peter Christmas
0.50 Peter Finnimore
0.50 Ray Fard
0.50 Richard Halvorsen
0.50 Richard McQuillan
0.50 Robert Perry
0.50 Sabrina Gaboriau
0.50 Sean Thomas
0.50 Sue Perks
0.50 Wayne Joseph


Scroll down to see following results and click here for the latest listing (when available) ....





The Latest Listing & Positions ...

Currently the listing is the same as Bright 'n' Breezy above. An up-to-date lisiting will be posted after the next tour event.







Questions & Answers (latest at the top)

Q: According to table shown above points are given to the top 16 in the Main and the Consolation. With this in mind why do some events show a lot less than 32 awards?

A: Well spotted! I think the events you refer to are events in which there is a Progressive Consolation (i.e. some Main losers go into the Consolation at higher rounds than Round 1). These entrants in effect will have gained two awards; however, because BBT points aren't accumulated only the higher of the two awards is retained.

Q: Do the qualifiers have to be Biba members?

A: No. The Tour is open to any backgammon player. It is designed to promote regional backgammon and (hopefully) increase entry levels for them. Of course, if any of the finalists in January are not members of Biba they could join if they wanted to.  To get the Tour going this year Biba has added a few 'extra' events which will be replaced next year with more local ones.

Q: It is possible that two or more of those topping the chart at year end could share the same number of points thus giving a greater field of qualifiers. How would you decide who is in the Final?

A: Good point! I have decided to add 'attendance points' (AP) as a tie-breaker. All event entrants will get 1 AP for each event they enter. Those that support the tour the most will have more AP than those that enter only one or two events. Of course, if any entrants are not in the top 16 (or top 8) of any event then I might not have a record of their attendance, therefore it is incumbent upon such entrants to ensure the event TD informs Biba of their attendance or to notify me themselves.




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