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Updated: Friday, September 20, 2013 10:45


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Backgammon in the scrum!

Backgammon is a game of chance and a game of strategy. The rugby scrum has become the same.

Oomph backgammon table

The oomph backgammon table is truly a beautiful option. A year in the making but worth the wait. Handmade leather dice cups, rounded color appropriate solid dice, large marbleized doubling cube, marbleized men, tournament sized board.

For those of you who always w(h)ine about backgammon

We just received the most fabulous Maggie Co. Backgammon – Wine canvas and specially made wooden case. The detail on the canvas is amazing. The red & purple fibers will bring this canvas to life.

A very stylish backgammon travel set

I recently spotted a new addition to her leathergoods designs- a backgammon set. Portable and compact, her roll-up board in kelly green and cobalt blue features a side zip pocket to store the pieces.

Man shot and killed over backgammon game

A 20-year old man who was shot, by three men in a Honda accord . . . police are requesting the public’s help in locating a male suspect.

Asymmetric Matches

If you want to become a strong backgammon player, it is enough to learn which plays are right against strong opponents. Usually those same plays are optimal against any opponents.

First chess, now backgammon

“We started with chess and now are adding backgammon.” The event is completely free and open to everyone. The day, however, is now the last Thursday in the month so players can take advantage of the outside tables and chairs at the CamRock Café in downtown Cambridge . . .  USA.

One for the ladies

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this Anya Hindmarch clutch at Harvey Nichols Kuwait was the Backgammon board game.

Rolling Coins

Suppose you are ready to play backgammon, but your dice are missing. You do have a coin. Can you use a sequence of coin tosses as a substitute for the dice?

Phil Simborg Interviews Sabri Buyuksoy of Istanbul

Phil: I first heard of Sabri when he won the European Championship, and then I began hearing his name from some of my students (I have several students from Turkey at this time) . . . .

The Heat Is On
Keram Rashoev (left), a 46-year-old an ethnic Kurd and a local backgammon legend, says that in Abanotubani there are no ethnic differences and people treat each other "based on the deeds, not blood." . . . .