Originally founded in 1988 the club has gone through many changes, the latest seeing its reincarnation and rebranding as the new Lincoln Backgammon club.


It is a club run by the very best backgammon players in the City, players with years of experience in club and competition backgammon. Founder member, Michael Crane, has posted Beginner’s Look! online HERE to teach absolute beginners and is available for lessons for beginers only.

We are happy to accommodate established backgammon players, i.e, players who know their way around a board, understand how to use the doubling cube, and the term ‘Jacoby’.

Players of the required level of ability are welcome to come and play with us every Thursday night @ 7.30 until 11.00 throughout the year (excepting Christmas Day and New Year’s Day) at the Lincoln Hospital Club, St Anne’s Road, Lincoln. (click here for location).

You will have to become an annual member of the Hospital Club (a small fee is required) but the backgammon club is totally free . . . all you need to buy is your own beer - or whatever takes your fancy! If you would like to join us either turn up on the night (we always have spare backgammon sets available) or contact us as shown below.


Michael Crane is the Founder and Director of the

British Isles Backgammon Association


The new Lincoln Backgammon club web site is designed and maintained by Michael Crane.

Emails requesting more details can be sent by clicking the names below:

Michael Crane
Tim Mooring
07900 916468