Updated 18 December, 2012: December Event





How do you turn £15 into £500? You could invest it in stocks and shares . . but you could end up with 50p if it all goes pear-shaped. You could back a horse to win at 33 to 1 and hope it's not one destined for the glue factory. You could deposit it in a savings account and hope your great-great grandchild is alive to collect the £500 - but by then its actual value will probably be £15.


Arthur Wright got it spot on - he entered the Grosvenor Guaranteed £500 Event and won it! Tada!

One of 16 entrants, Arthur got off to a flying start in the 1st Round when he beat Brian Lever. Now, in a normal, ordinary knockout that'd be the end of Brian's hopes of seeing anything of the £500, but, this was not a normal, ordinary knockout, it was a Double Entry knockout. This meant that Brian (and the other seven, 1st Round losers) went into a 2nd Chance Knockout, the winner of which got another crack at the £500!

Arthur then went on to beat Mick Butterfield and then Deana Fawcett and then Peter Chan to get into the Final 11-point match with a score of 3-0 to him - this equates to a 65% chance of winning the match and the money. Who was his opponent? None other than Brian Lever! What better illustration of a Double KO can you get? Brian despatched Mike Barrows, Rachel Rhodes and Kevin Jones on his way to get his revenge on Arthur.

Just to digress a tad. I understand the turnout was lower than expected because some prospective entrants thought the format too complicated! Really? What's complicated about; Lose in the 1st Round and you get a second chance to end up in the Final of the Main, albeit with a score at 3-0 down to 11 points?

Anywho, Arthur sat down, 3-0 up and Brian soon shifted it to 4-4 as Arthur squandered his lead. It then moved 8-4 to Arthur, then climbed to 8-8 and Arthur eventually triumphed 11-9 to turn his £15 into £500!

All of the 2nd & 3rd Round losers of the Main(s) got into the Consolation and this saw Dorothy Lee beat Steve Lee (no relation) and Rachel Rhodes beat Tony Fawcett to make it an all-girl Final; a match from which Rachel came out the winner.


Sharen Crane hands over the £500 to Arthur Wright

as Brian Lever takes second place.

Brian and Arthur battle out the Main while Rachel looks on at Dorothy Lee and Steve Lee in the Consolation semi-final. Rachel is waiting for the winner.


Overall, it was a good little turnout and it passed without incident or problems, Everyone enjoyed the backgammon, the free food, the free drink from the bar, the free day-long endless supply of cups of tea and coffee; some even went home with money in their pockets after making a profit from the free £5 bet each was given by Mr Grosvenor!

And the best thing is . . . we're doing it all over again 15 December, but this time it's for the big boys & girls, £5 Registration, £70 Entry and a guaranteed up-to £2000 (subject to entries). Full details can be seen on the Biba web site or Facebook page.







THE GROSVENOR £2000 Event, 15 December, 2012

In September Arthur Wright performed a feat of magic and turned £15 into £500; and now, three months later Mark Calderbank turned £70 into £700. Mark did this after winning the December Grosvenor backgammon tournament in which a field of 12 saw the Casino put in £160 to make the prize up to a grand total of . . . a grand!

Mark fought his way into the Final after losing in the 1st Round to September's losing-finalist, Brian Lever. Dropping into KO#2. Mark then went on to beat Dorothy Lee (September's Consolation Runner-up), then Stewart Wilson to secure his place in the Final.

Mark's opponent, Jon Barnes went through September's 1st, Arthur Wright, then John Wright (no relation) then Rachel Rhodes (September's Consolation Winner) to meet Mark in the Final.

Coming from KO#1, Jon began the 11-point match 3-0 up . . . which, unfortunately, were all the points he had as Mark out-rolled and out-played him to take the pot, 11-3. I watched most of the Final and no matter what Jon did Mark had an answer to it. He never stood a chance!

The Semi-Progressive Consolation saw Dorothy once again into the Final, but alas, as last time she had to settle for Runner-up as Kevin Jones made it after a good, strong game.


Michael Crane hands over the

prize money to Mark Calderbank

Kevin Jones, Consolation 1st with

Dorothy Lee, Runner-up


So, two little events and I have been asked, "are there any more?" and my answer is - I don't know. It's up to the Casino to decide. I am willing to direct them but only if Grosvenor Huddersfield ask me to.

I'd like to thank all the entrants from both events for making each one a success and, Grosvenor-willing, we might all see each other again over the gaming tables in 2014.



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