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Updated: Wednesday, June 12, 2019 11:33

2019 British Open






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Match Files
2019 April: British Open Phil Tutchings vs Paul Plumptre

2019 January: Bright 'n' Breezy Rob Perry vs Uli Koch

>>> XG only - Game 15. White's last roll was 61: 25/18 and not 11 as shown.

2018 November: UK Finals Paul Christmas vs Simon Morecroft
2018 April British: Open Neil Foston vs Paul Christmas
2018 January: Brighton Uli Koch vs Jon Barnes
2017 November: UK Finals Brian Lever vs Darren O'Shaughnessy
2017 July: English Open Lawrence Powell vs Paul Christmas
2017 April: British Open Mardi Ohannessian vs Peter Bennet
2017 January: Brighton Sean Clennell vs Crispin Duke
2016 November: UK Finals David Nathan vs Jon Barnes
2016 July: English Open Julian Minwalla vs Brian Lever
2016 April: British Open Neil Webb vs Jon Barnes
2015 December: UK Finals Paul Plumptre vs Graham Read
2015 July: English Open Eric McAlpine vs Graham Read

2015 April: British Open Main Final Round One 9 pointer Eric McAlpine vs Wayne Felton

2015 April: British Open Main Final Round Two 5 pointer Eric McAlpine vs Wayne Felton





2015 January: Bright n Breezy Jerry Limb vs Stuart Mann
2014 December: UK Finals Julian Minwalla vs Peter Christmas
2014 November: Townharbour Gerry Enslin vs Mardi Ohannessian

2014 September: English Open Peter Christmas vs Paul Plumptre 1st Match DMP

2014 September: English Open Peter Christmas vs Paul Plumptre 2nd Match




2014 August: SAC Phil Tutchings vs Michael Crane
2014 July: UK Giant Robert Perry vs Mardi Ohannessian
2014 June: Biba World Adrian Jones vs Kyriacos Andreou
2014 May: County Cups Jon Barnes vs Phil Tutchings
2014 April: British Open. Martin Barkwill vs John Slattery
2014 March: Robin Hood Trophy. Jon Barnes vs Gerry Enslin
2014 February: Jarvis Trophy. Julian Minwalla vs Mardi Ohannessian
2014 January: Southend Shield. Martin Barkwill vs Eric McAlpine
2013 December: UK Finals. Mardi Ohannessian vs Chris Ternel
2013 November: Townharbour Trophy. Paul Plumptre vs Jysen Qwt
2013 October: British Doubles Rachel Rhodes & Mike Murton vs Peter & Paul Christmas


1*: Play started before I was able to set the video camera running but it was just a couple of moves or so and both Martin and Eric were able to re-play their moves and allow me to catch up. Unfortunately they restarted with four checkers on the white 8-point and four on the white mid-point! No one - Martin, Eric, me or at least two others, noticed! JellyFish and Snowie could not start with the wrong board set-up and therefore I was unable to create either match file.


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